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2024 West Tampa Chamber Board of Director Applications now open

The Board of Directors for the WTCoC is the policy-making body of the Chamber. It represents a wide variety of the business and professional organizations in and around the West Tampa community.

A Director's responsibility is to help create and promote  programs and activities which benefit the Members of the organization. They are to represent the Chamber at public and private functions, get to know the current members and promote the Chamber to prospective members, as well as invest themselves in the knowledge of the interests of the community.

Board of Director Terms and Duties:

The West Tampa Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors consists of 15 board members that represent the businesses and community of West Tampa, with the Administrator of the Chamber providing support.

Terms of Service

All Directors must serve one three-year term with the option of an additional two-year term as an Executive position (President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer).  Directors must run for re-election at the end of their terms.

Attendance Requirements

Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at a location which will be determined at the beginning of the year or noticed with 30 days advanced notice if changed. The West Tampa Chamber Board does not meet in July for a board meeting.  Per the By-Laws of the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce, absence from three meetings in a twelve-month period constitutes automatic removal from the Board.  The board may consider illness and mitigating circumstances in favor of any absence.

The Board members are strongly encouraged to attend and/or volunteer at Chamber events throughout the year.  It is through the support of our volunteers that we are able to provide the many networking and community opportunities we provide on an annual basis.

Overall Responsibility

The Board of Directors serves as the policy body of the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce.  As a group, they are responsible for approving an annual business plan and budget.  The Board reviews all financial reports and has a fiduciary responsibility to the organization and its members.  The Board works together in a selfless manner with good intentions for members' businesses and the community.


  • Review and update (as necessary) the Chamber's mission, vision, and goals.
  • Be familiar with the Chamber's By-Laws.
  • Assist in planning a business plan, which may include an annual Board retreat or strategic planning session outside monthly meeting scheduled times.
  • Individual Board members serve on committees and may be eligible to chair those committees as appointed by the Chair of the Board and approved by the Board.
  • The Board shall help determine if new programs should be undertaken as the Chamber year progresses.  They will review existing programs and goals and decide if they are being satisfactorily accomplished in alignment with the Chamber's mission, vision, and goals.
  • The Board will review and participate in discussions with organization officers to assess and continue increasing the operating revenues to ensure a balanced budget.
  • The Board shall recommend committees to refine the details of Chamber programs and keep their meetings concise and strict to the agenda.
  • Individual Board members have no authority to commit the Chamber to any action or policy as a single individual without the majority vote of the Board.
  • Report any conflicts of interest annually to the Board and the Administrator and abstain from voting on conflicting matters.