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WTC Member Spotlight: Tampa Housing Authority

The West Tampa Community has always been like a second home to the Tampa Housing Authority as our offices had been located at 1529 Main Street for more than 40 years. The sprawling 44 acre community, built in 1941 was an answer to the prayers of many seeking affordable housing. North Boulevard Homes was our oldest and largest community that was recently demolished this past June to make way for new West River Redevelopment that would bring some 1240 market rate for rent multi-housing units, 96 for sale townhomes, 842 income restricted affordable family/senior housing with broader income ranges, retail office/components serving the local community, 90,000 square feet of retail and 70,000 feet of office space.  There is light at the end of the tunnel as the completion of this project will forever change the landscape of this West Tampa community.

West Tampa has always been ripe for new development as business came and went without any fanfare.  Most recently, there has been a shift towards redevelopment in West Tampa area given its close proximity to downtown and ties to other redevelopment efforts. News businesses are cropping up with a vengeance, specifically on Main Street.  It is indeed, “Time for West Tampa”.